A Newbies guide for sex toys

A Newbies guide for sex toys

If you are new to the idea of sex toys relax and read this guide to help you choose and some re assurance if you are not sure what to expect. Here are a few tips on what to do.

  1. Experimenting is by far the most erotic way to find out what you think you may like as you can try everything, and some methods may surprise you.
  2. When you have chosen your toy, LUBE is the number one thing you must not pass on as it helps glide, slide, and hide what your about to do in the bedroom.
  3. Porn is a great way to intensify your climaxing, watch and experiment as you might find some desires you thought you never had. Using toys while watching porn can help the process a little quicker.
  4. If time is not an issue perhaps good old imagination is the best way to masturbate with toys.
  5. Edging yourself for a set time is a great way to intensify your orgasms, If you’re unsure of edging it is when you stop masturbating right before the big show, waiting a minute and continue masturbating, doing this for a period of time can make you scream when you eventually let yourself go. This is a popular for masturbating with toys.
  6. You MUST clean every toy after use to prevent any infections.
  7. Look for phthalate free toys as some plastics cause side effects.
  8. Most importantly enjoy yourself and find what truly makes you feel good.

When looking for a toy to use, research the different brands and read the materials they are made from before purchasing. Most quality toys have reviews so read before buying. The different types of toys are


Vibrators are not just for females they are for every. Pictured below is your standard rabbit style Which massages the clitoris as well as the G-spot. There are many different types of Vibrators Rabbit, Realistic, Massages, Wand, Plugs etc.



Plugs add flavour to the bedroom. Lots of lube and insert them inside your butt. Anal beads are also designed for this. For beginners start with a slim size and work your way up.


Masturbators are a fantastic way to experience a stronger orgasm. They can feel pretty realistic and can be used to reach the big O a lot quicker than regular masturbation. Different types can consist of Electric, Vibrating, Self-stroking, Heating, regular silicone or in a cup.



Dildos are a perfect addition to the bedroom, mostly they are realistic and represent a real penis. There are a few different types, Vibrating, Realistic, Double ended, Extra-large


Love Dolls

Dolls can come in all different shapes and sizes, Blow up, realistic, short, full size, half size. A full size realistic love doll replicates a standard size person and designed to have intercourse with.

Cock rings

Cock rings add pleasure to both the parties involved. They put pressure on the penis and vibrate to stimulate the clitoris or the anus.

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