Fleshlight-how to maximise your pleasure

Fleshlight-how to maximise your pleasure

Some people are sceptical about using fleshlights, and so you should be as they can be expensive and in some cases there are to many options to choose from. The best way to choose is to look for the following

  1. Materials used
  2. Phthalate free
  3. Decide between electric or manual
  4. Reputable brand
  5. Don’t always go for the cheaper option
  6. Reputable website or marketplace. eBay, Amazon ETC…..
  7. Finally if possible read reviews

Once you chosen your tool it is time for pleasure. The number one rule is USE LUBE and lots of it, Without the use of lubricant you could potentially burn your love stick completely off, you could start a camp fire or at the very least melt you sword down to scrap. So use lube people its common sense. Once your toy arrives and you have the right lube its now time to get down to business.

1. Positioning

Some products come with a suction cup stand, these can be a great way to have a handsfree way to masturbate. If you have an electric model then laying down is one of the best ways to climax.

2. Edging 

If you have never tried edging this could be a fun way to maximise your orgasm. Set a timer for 20 minutes and try not to blow until after the alarm.

3. Your partner helps in the bedroom

It can be fun to use toys on you and your partner in the bedroom, a fleshlight could be a good choice to warm up before full intercourse.

4. Chastity

Chastity can be another fun way to use a fleshlight with your partner upon release instead of intercourse. Some couples find this really erotic and a big turn on for them.

5. Jamming your pal between your pillows or lounge.

If you have no money and need to get off with a cheaper fleshlight but get bored using your hands, Jam the fleshlight between two pillows and go like a bat out of hell to climax

6. Scrotum stretcher

Using a scrotum stretcher to make the climax more intense, These can make you blow a full load when using a fleshlight.

There are many more ways to use a fleshlight, start off experimenting and let your imagination go wild

7. Nipple play

Try pinching your own nipples wall climaxing, this can intensify the orgasm

8. Prostate massage

Using a male vibrator to massage your prostate while masturbating can give you the biggest orgasm you have ever had, If you have never tried this it is a must.

In short fleshlights and other toys can be fun when used correctly. Jump online and purchase one today and intensify your masturbating experience.




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