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Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons Wet Sponges 4 Pc

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Beppy Action Sponges are specially designed cordless sponges. They are invisible and unnoticeable. Moreover, they are safe and hygienic and last longer than comparable forms of protection. Even up to 8 hours.

Beppy Wet contains a special, aseptic moistening agent, Lactagel, for very easy positioning. Beppy Wet is pulled out by way of a handy loop. Easy as can be!

  • Individually wrapped.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Clinically tested, high-quality action sponges. Unlike others, Beppy will not fade or discolor in sunlight.
  • Beppy always fits, because the special foam adapts itself to the shape of the vagina.
  • The medical Lactagel in Beppy WET supports the natural bio-system of the vagina.
  • Beppy is soft, safe, and comfortable.
  • Beppy is for single use only. 
  • Beppy is NOT a contraceptive.
  • Used by professionals